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Workplace Issues Therapists

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What a workplace issues therapist can do for you?

Many individuals spend approximately one-third of their adult lives at work, which is why workplace issues are a common source of stress for countless Americans. While it is impossible to run a business where everyone's expectations, roles, and personalities are perfectly cohesive, there is professional help to work through certain issues that cause negative psychological symptoms. Research has proven that stress in the workplace is linked to a higher occurrence of mental health issues including depression and anxiety. In order to avoid decreased performance/productivity, loss of job/termination, and/or decreased satisfaction/happiness, workers might find that discussing their workplace challenges with an experienced mental health professional is beneficial to them both professionally and personally.

Practice areas related to Workplace Issues

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Why hire a workplace issues therapist?

Therapy has the ability to effectively treat anxiety, depression, and most other mental health symptoms that have resulted from problems in the workplace. Therapists give clients the tools to develop healthy coping skills that they can use in order to manage work-related stress and other issues. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps clients recognize and reframe unhealthy thoughts, often resulting in an improved mood and overall well-being. Furthermore, meditation, mindfulness, and other stress management methods are also taught in psychotherapy. Therapeutic sessions are also useful for the improvement of one's assertive communication skills, in addition to other conflict resolution abilities.

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