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Virginia Drug Rehab Recovery Centers

Are you undecided about where to get rehabilitation treatment in Virginia? can help you find the rehab program which fits your needs with their extensive database of addiction treatment centers. Addiction recovery centers in VA can assist anyone with ending their drug abuse, whether to cocaine, alcohol, oxycodone, or any other illegal or prescription drug.

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Choosing between Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab in Virginia

There are many types treatment offered at drug and alcohol rehab centers in Virginia. Choosing inpatient or outpatient treatment is one of the first and most significant choices you will have to make. Many people choose an outpatient rehabilitation program in VA because it is more affordable and patients are able to live at their residence while getting treatment at a nearby facility. However, there are numerous studies which suggest that completing an inpatient program of 30 to 90 days can increase the likelihood of avoiding relapse and staying sober for long-term. If you need help deciding between these options, contact our representatives 24/7.

Getting addiction recovery treatment in Virginia away from your environment can help!

Should you enroll in a treatment facility out of state? Going to a treatment program which is near to your residence is not always the best choice, because you are also closer to the people and places which tempt your to use drugs. Leaving the area for rehabilitation and recovery will enable you to avoid those triggers and discrations which can cause a relapse. Many drug addiction treatment centers VA offers provide comfortable housing to accomodate patients. In the end, the final choice is yours and if you would like help deciding, talk to a recovery expert today at (877) 257-7997.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction

call (877) 257-7997 and get help today

Virginia Heroin Overdose Deaths are Increasing

Nearly 488,000 individuals in Virginia abuse or are addicted to alcohol, or about 7.4% of the population, and another 165,000 abuse or are addicted to illicit drugs. Those illegal drugs include:

    • Marijuana – 16.4%
    • Cocaine & crack – 13.7%
    • Heroin – 5.7%
    • Methamphetamine – 0.6%

Like many states across the country, Virginia is going on the offensive in response to the dramatic rise of drug abuse in the state, particularly with the abuse of heroin and prescription drugs. Though the rate of drug abuse and addiction in Virginia is lower than national averages, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there has nevertheless been a 36% increase in the number of overdose deaths in the state over the past few years.

Alcoholism continues to be a challenge for the state, as well:

    • 34.3% of all traffic fatalities are a result of drunk driving
    • 5,288 alcohol-related crash injuries
    • 8,047 alcohol-related crashes
    • 27,333 DUI convictions
    • Cost of drunk driving fatalities to taxpayers = $3.1 billion

If you’re afraid of ending up on the wrong side of these statistics, the time to take action is now. There are hundreds of drug addiction treatment centers in Virginia which are prepared to help anyone, no matter what substance they are addicted to, their background, or what the circumstances may be. Call now and let our representatives guide you through the process of selecting the right Virginia drug rehab for your needs.

We can get you started on the road to recovery today! Call [telephone_design1_shortcode] now!

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Most of us drink once in a while, but how do you know when “once in a while” is becoming a problem? Anyone who experiences the following may be showing signs of a drinking problem:

    • Feeling ashamed about how much alcohol is consumed
    • Lying to others about drinking habits
    • Feel compelled to drink just to relax or improve mood
    • Black outs, forgetting what happened when drinking
    • Typically drink more than intended
    • Friends or family expressing concerns about drinking habits

Once alcohol abuse has become habitual, certain behaviors and activities suggest an increasing risk of addiction:

    • Neglecting responsibilities at work, school, or home
    • Drinking in risky situations, such as drinking while driving, operating heavy machinery when drunk, mixing alcohol with prescription drugs
    • Legal problems as a direct consequence of drinking, like disorderly conduct, or driving under the influence
    • Continuing to drink even though the habit is damaging your personal relationships, causing fights, etc.
    • Using alcohol to relax and relieve stress

If a physical addiction to alcohol has been established, the addicted individual will exhibit:

    • Tolerance: needing to drink a lot more just to achieve the same effect
    • Withdrawal: experiencing symptoms such as shakes, anxiety, irritability, sweating, nausea, and more when he or she goes without drinking for a while.

Even if physical addiction has not yet set in, anyone who is abusing alcohol readily should seek treatment in a Virginia alcohol rehab program in order to get help breaking the compulsive habit of drinking. The first step is just admitting that a problem exists. The second is to find qualified support who can guide the addicted individual to recovery.

To get the help you need battling alcohol abuse or addiction, call our 24-hour hotline to speak with our representatives about alcohol rehab options in Virginia. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call now.

Should You Go Go to Rehab?

The number one reason why enrolling drug and alcohol addiction rehab is vital is your life. Too many people, students, employees, celebrities, are killed because of their addictions. Drug overdose and alcohol poisoning are cruel realites of the disease. Why should you enroll in a rehab program, because your addiction could kill you.

Addiction isn't worth your life. You deserve health and happiness.

There are many other compelling reasons for breaking the hold that alcohol or any other substance has on you physically and psychologically, including:

  • To save money

    Think of all the money spent on alcohol and drugs each week. What could you use that money for instead? A vacation? The down payment on a new car? A new wardrobe?
  • To avoid legal trouble

    Sooner or later, people who drink too much or do drugs are going to get in trouble with the law, whether its disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated, possession of illegal substances, or stealing in order to support the habit.
  • To rediscover what makes you happy

    People who drink or do drugs often do so to hide emptiness in their lives. In rehab, there is plenty of opportunity for self-reflection and contemplation, and a chance to find rewarding activities which fill that emptiness without substance abuse.
  • To find a network of support

    Staying sober requires support and encouragement from many directions. In rehab, patients form bonds of friendship which can last a lifetime.
  • To improve your health and fitness

    Even if drug or alcohol poisoning is avoided, these substances cause many health complications. Getting off drugs can improve health dramatically. Many Virginia addiction treatment centers offer nutrition and fitness guidance, in order to improve overall well-being.

Rehab can work for anyone suffering from addiction, whether it’s to alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. There’s no reason to put it off – each day you wait is one more day of misery. Call now to talk to advisers who can help you find the best drug addiction treatment program in Virginia for you or your loved one.

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