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Values Clarification Therapists

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What a values clarification therapist can do for you?

Values clarification is a psychotherapy practice that aims to help clients increase their awareness of any principles or beliefs that has a significant bearing on lifestyle decisions. This method provides an opportunity for the client to reflect on personal moral dilemmas and allow for current values to be examined and clarified. This process is typically helpful for self-improvement, interactions with others, and an overall increase in the clients well-being.There are also those who enter therapy with a wide range of psychological and physical health issues including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and poor physical health, due to their difficulty resolving moral dilemmas as a result of unclear values. In these cases, therapy can help to dramatically improve clients overall happiness, productivity, and well-being in the long term.

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Why hire a values clarification therapist?

Those who hire a therapist are encouraged to explore and define their values when it seems that the individual's well-being is being negatively affected. Values clarification methods help clients learn more about themselves and develop sensible goals, allowing them to succeed in the long term. Therapy provides a safe environment in which clients are able to understand and develop their own set of ideals in order to achieve a complete understanding of their motivations and characteristics. Moreover, this type of therapy reduces emotional distress by increasing positive behaviors through reinforcement. Not only are those in therapy encouraged to evaluate their current values that guide their decisions and behavior, but to also build on their inner strengths in order to shape a more fulfilling future for themselves.

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