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Traumatic Brain Injury Therapists

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What a traumatic brain injury therapist can do for you?

Treatment for TBIs typically include medical procedures, speech and physical therapy, medications, and psychotherapy. While some of the more severe case require a team of doctors and therapists, quite a few can benefit solely from psychotherapy as it's one of the most effective methods employed without the use of surgeries or psychotropic medications. Cognitive behavioral therapy is highly effective at helping clients who are suffering from a TBI become aware of his or her own behavioral patterns, thus allowing therapists to monitor any changes. Therapy is useful for helping clients understand their injury, accept the changes, and providing direction and support regarding the modification of relationships and roles due to the injury.

Practice areas related to Traumatic Brain Injury

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Why hire a traumatic brain injury therapist?

Hiring a traumatic brain injury therapist helps clients cope with all of the challenges and changes they are facing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a steady rise in the number of people who experience some type of a traumatic brain injury in the U.S. each year since 2001, the cause of which is arguably, in part, due to the war. Despite whether the traumatic brain injury is a result from an automobile accident, blunt force trauma, combat, or dangerous lifestyle habits, this type of damage may ultimately lead to a decrease in mental capacity, which is why monitoring brain activity after such an event is crucial.

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