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Thinking Disorder (TD or FTD) Therapists

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What a thought disorder (TD or FTD) therapist can do for you?

Those diagnosed with a thought disorder are challenged with a mental health condition that affects his or her thoughts, beliefs, and/or perceptions. A thought disorder changes the way an individual connects ordered sequences of ideas and can easily interfere with one's behavior by triggering paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, or other harsh symptoms. Clients who suffer from psychotic episodes, or have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or schizotypal personality frequently reveal symptoms of thought disorders. Treatment for these conditions typically includes psychotherapy, and in some cases, mood stabilizers or antipsychotic medications. These treatments combined help the client to improve their quality of life, thus making for a healthier family dynamic.

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Why hire a thought disorder (TD or FTD) therapist?

Hiring a therapist is beneficial to those experiencing symptoms of a thought disorder as it allows a mental health professional to help manage emotional and behavioral issues that might intensify or be related to the thought disorder. There are circumstances when thought disorders put those who experience them and those around them in danger. For instance, a client may engage in risky behavior, believe a specific activity is safe when it is actually unsafe, or put others at risk upon acting on false beliefs. Individuals with a thought disorder require psychiatric hospitalization when the condition interferes with safety. In some other instances, both psychotherapy and medication may allow the client to live an independent and satisfying life.

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