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Guide To Building A Winning Profile

Maximize your RE (RecoveryExpert) Rating and exposure by adding information about your background, behavioral/mental health practice, and achievements.

Completing every section of your profile will help you get the best possible RE Rating, and therapists with higher RE Ratings get more contacts!

  1. Upload Your Headshot

    Therapist with headshots get up to 6x more potential client contacts than those without a photo.

  2. Add Your Contact Information

    Potential clients will use this information to contact you, so make sure it’s accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  3. Solicit Reviews From Satisfied Clients

    Therapist with client reviews are up to 8x more likely to be contacted. Check up on former clients and encourage them to write positive reviews, so that you can attract more clients and help more people!

  4. Select Your Practice Area

    The majority of potential clients say that your practice area is the most important factor when they choose a therapist.

  5. Fill Out Your Resume

    Potential clients seeking treatment are usually looking for people with specific skill sets in an easy, quick, summary format. One of the best ways to inform them about your qualifications is via your resume. Remember to highlight key achievements, work experience, education, and client focus.

  6. Ask For Peer Endorsements

    Boost your RE Rating by requesting references from people within your network who are familiar with your work, clinical experience, or contributions to the behavioral health community.

Therapists with a comprehensive online behavioral health portfolio get up to 12x more potential client contacts than those without. You can use RecoveryExperts' powerful and intuitive features and modules to build a world-class online presence in the behavioral health community. The best part about it, is that it is 100% FREE! You can tremendously boost your online presence just by doing simple things like contributing articles, posting answers to questions, publishing guides, becoming a T-REX (Treatment Recovery EXpert) and more!

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