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Increase Your Visibility And Attract More Potential Clients To Your RecoveryExperts Profile

The Q&A section is one of the most widely visited areas of our site. Since your name, photo, and a direct link to your profile appear with every answer you post, the Q&A section offers a great opportunity to promote your mental or behavioral health practice as well as showcasing your knowledge and experience to potential clients.

Participate in the RecoveryExperts Behavioral/Mental Health Q&A Forum

Answering questions on RecoveryExperts will increase your visibility in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.

When You're On the Go, Be The First To Answer Questions

The RecoveryExperts Counseling App is the fastest way for therapists to monetize down time by simply answering questions related to their field of expertise. By being the first to answer posted questions in your practice area, you also increase your ranking in the search results, which translates into more free marketing leads!

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