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San Antonio Drug Rehab Recovery Centers

If you need help for yourself or a loved one who's battling alcoholism or drug abuse, has an in-depth, online database of accredited drug and alcohol recovery centers in San Antonio, Texas. With plenty of alternative options available, the right kind of treatment for your unique needs is available. We'll help you find the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation, no matter what drug addiction you might be battling, including alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, or any other addictive substance. You can get the help that you need at centers for drug rehab in San Antonio and start your journey to a healthier and happier life.

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Choosing between Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab in San Antonio

Getting sober after you or a loved one has been addicted to benzodiazepines, Nembutal, cocaine, heroin or any other substance, requires individualized treatment plans. The two choices for recovery that can found at drug addiction centers in San Antonio are inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care produces long-term outcomes by offering extended stays in residential treatment centers. Outpatient care can be convenient for those who cannot put their responsibilities on hold and need to stay near where they live.

Getting addiction recovery treatment in San Antonio away from your environment can help!

For many individuals, their current residence presents many temptations and diversions that can distract them from achieving a successful recovery. That's why going to another city or state for recovery can be a very good idea. For a treatment center experience that can be a therapeutic retreat, individuals can look for private or luxury addiction centers throughout the country. With high-end services and hotel-like facilities, luxury rehabilitation centers help addicts with physical, emotional, and psychological recovery. Those who would prefer outpatient care can find a drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers near their residence. Do you need help locating addiction treatment in San Antonio? Don't hesitate to give us a call at (877) 257-7997.

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Addiction Treatment San Antonio, TX

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), the South Texas border area and San Antonio are the foremost drug markets in the South Texas High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, or HIDTA. Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, has a population of 1,714,773—making it the 17th most populous country in the United States and the 4th most populous in Texas.

An array of drug addictions and problems plague the 1.7 million people of Bexar County. The study revealed that 7% of adults in Bexar County drank heavily or were at risk for heavy drinking, somewhat higher than the Texas average of 6%. People between the ages of 30 and 64 were among the heaviest drinkers. Worse yet, 22% of Bexar County adults engaged in binge drinking—five or more drinks for men and four for women in a single drinking episode. This is compared to 16% for Texas overall. People between the ages of 18 and 29 years had the highest rates of binge drinking (29%). Six percent of Bexar County youths admitted to using cocaine at some point in their lives, 8% admitted to ecstasy use, and 42% admitted to using marijuana.

There's no point in waiting if you suspect that you or someone you love has an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The right time to seek treatment is now. It can be difficult to sort through the overwhelming number of San Antonio drug treatment centers, services, and options, however. Luckily, San Antonio addiction treatment therapists are here to help you attain sobriety. Texas drug rehab specialists take pains to build an individualized recovery regimen around each patient. It may appear to you as though your drug problem is insoluble and your situation hopeless, but nothing could be farther from the truth. San Antonio drug rehabilitation centers have made it their mission to provide you with the best possible care, setting you on the straight road to a healthier, happier, sober life.

The Stages of San Antonio Addiction Recovery

Some of the myths and stigmas which surround drug addiction prevent people from seeking the treatment they require. One common misconception about drug addiction is that an individual has to strike "rock bottom" before they may benefit from rehab treatment. This myth is not only untrue, it's dangerous—the belief that they must hit rock bottom may stop some people from seeking treatment until it's too late. The simple fact is that the sooner an individual finds a rehab center and gets into treatment, the better their chances are of making a swift, successful recovery. Addiction is easier to treat if it's in the early stages. Even people who refuse to believe that they have a drug problem and won't seek treatment voluntarily can benefit from a treatment program. The willingness to be treated is not a requisite for that treatment's success.

Relapse is simply a call for a person to try harder

These are some of the common steps in the drug treatment process:

Intake – This initial part of a typical recovery regimen begins as soon as you enter a rehab facility. Trained clinicians will take stock of your mental and physical health, diagnose any co-occurring disorders you may have, and ask you questions about the history, duration, and intensity of your drug habits. Honest answers will help the medical staff to construct a personalized recovery plan that can address your specific needs.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment – There are two basic types of rehabilitation—inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment has been widely recognized as the most successful and effective in the long term, as it sequesters patients in a residential facility for a period of 30 to 90 days. This allows them to heal mentally and physically in an environment completely free and isolated from substances and temptations. Outpatient treatment is generally only intended for people with busy schedules who have mild to moderate mental dependencies on substances.

Therapy and Counseling – At the heart of any effective drug treatment regimen is a systematic schedule of therapy and counseling. Addiction is a chronic mental disease, and there are behavioral and psychological patterns and vulnerabilities which abet it. Therapists work with patients in group and individual settings to tease out these themes and help patients understand why they began to use. Counselors instill a sense of confidence, well-being, and positivity in patients in individual settings to help them cope with the harsh realities of life without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

Aftercare and Post-Rehab Support - Drug treatment centers in San Antonio know that a relapse can occur at any time, even if a patient was diligent in rehab. Another common myth about addiction is this: relapse means that treatment didn't work and that the person recovering is weak or inferior. These myths are untrue. Relapse is simply a call for a person to try harder. Many centers offer aftercare and relapse prevention programs to keep their patients on the path to recovery and to help them find their way back if they go astray. Ongoing therapy and counseling sessions, administered on an outpatient basis, are part of aftercare. San Antonio addiction recovery specialists also advise patients to enroll in a nationwide support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These programs often provide mentorship opportunities for people in recovery and allow them to feel a sense of comradeship and companionship with other people who are also striving for sobriety. This greatly influences a person's behavior and provides therapeutic effects even after rehab has concluded.

San Antonio Addiction Treatment Professionals are Ready to Help You

Fighting addiction alone is a losing game. The odds are against you and you run the risk of dangerous, even lethal, side effects. But the understanding and capable recovery specialists at San Antonio, Texas addiction treatment centers are here to help. Our top-notch facilities can provide you a safe, therapeutic haven in which you can recover from a drug habit in solitude. Our professional team is ready to assess your condition, attend to your mental and physical recovery around the clock, and usher you through a personalized care regimen that addresses your personal needs. Sobriety is never out of reach.

Pick up the phone and dial [telephone_design1_shortcode]. Our competent medical staff is ready to help you start your journey toward life, health, and happiness.

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