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Houston Drug Rehab Recovery Centers

Forget the frustrations of looking for the best drug rehab Houston. No matter what addiction you might be fighting - marijuana, cocaine, heroin, codeine, alcohol – can help you find the suitable addiction recovery program to satisfy your needs. The help you need to overcome addiction is available and with our help we can get you started down the highway to a happier, healthier life.

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Choosing between Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab in Houston

Individually designed drug treatment plans will be the most effective for treating addiction and will help you to develop a sober life free from any addictive substance that you or a loved one is dependent on. Both inpatient and outpatient addiction care programs in Houston can help you succeed in your journey towards recovery. Inpatient care happens in medical centers or residential services, and commonly gives in-depth drug treatment service plans. Outpatient care is often more convenient for many and is suited for those whose addiction is not as severe. Outpatient care allows patients to attend therapy sessions and counseling and then return to their residence. Finding the best drug treatment centers Houston has to offer can be a simple process with the help of

Getting addiction recovery treatment in Houston away from your environment can help!

Should you leave the area to get addiction treatment? Removing yourself from the location where you first started using drugs or alcohol can help eliminate distractions and scale back the temptations which keep you from recovering. For a rehab center experience that can be a therapeutic retreat from your current surroundings, search for exclusive and luxury rehab facilities throughout the country. With high-end, hotel-like facilities, these executive drug treatment centers help those struggling from addiction achieve physical, emotional, and psychological recovery. But even when traveling isn't an option, you can find help at addiction treatment in Houston which offers outpatient care. Contact our hotline at (877) 257-7997 with any questions you may have about addiction treatment for you or a loved one.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction

call (877) 257-7997 and get help today

Houston has itself a Major Problem with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

In a 2007 report from the U.S. Department of Justice, Houston, TX was labelled as a major distribution center for cocaine, marijuana, “ice” methamphetamines, club drugs, and pharmaceutical drugs. The report stated that though state laws and successful law enforcement programs have caused a decrease in drug production in the Houston area, its proximity to Mexico makes it a major thoroughfare of drugs from that country. In 2006 six alone, the three major drugs that were seized were:

    • Powder and crack cocaine – 2,328 kilograms
    • Marijuana – 86,824 kilograms
    • MDMA – 316,925

The University of Texas reported in 2012 that cocaine compromised 14% of all Department of State Health Services (DSHS)-funded treatment programs, while 13% of admissions were for heroin use. Prescription drugs were also a majorly-cited drug for people going state-funded services. In 2011, 180 people were admitted for methadone use, 222 for hydromorphone use, and a whopping 3102 for hydrocodone use. Misuse of hydrocodone killed 4604 people in 2011, according to the report, while benzodiazepines killed 389 people.

The report also stated that alcohol was the “primary drug of abuse in Texas.” From 2008 to 2009, 24.4% of Texas residents admitted to binge drinking - 5 or more drinks in one sitting - in the month previously, higher than the national average of 23.5%. Even more shocking was the finding that 62% of students in grades 7 through 12 that had used alcohol at least once. 29% of all admissions to publically-funded treatment programs were for alcohol use.

If you think you may have a problem, or you think that a friend or family member is struggling with drugs and alcohol, you don’t have to wait to hit absolute rock bottom to get the help that you need. Recovery Experts has made it easy to find drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers with our database of rehab facilities in Houston and all over the country.

Get started today on the path to recovery by calling (877) 257-7997 and speaking with an addiction expert.

Does Someone You Love Need an Intervention?

There are a number to signs to watch out for if you think someone you love may be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some of them include:

    • Problems with finances
    • A sudden need for constant privacy
    • Abruptly stopping recreational or social activities
    • Problems with relationships with friends and family
    • Bad work or school performance
    • Risky behavior, such as stealing, intoxicated driving, and unprotected sex

If you’re seeing these signs in a loved one, your first instinct is to want to get them help. For friends and family of someone fighting addiction, it’s a scary situation because you feel helpless to do anything about it, and you might be fearful of the possibility that saying something to your loved one may make things worse. Luckily, there is something you can do to help them: talk to an interventionist.

Interventions are organized meetings with friends and family where they sit down with a loved one who is struggling with addiction and talk to them about their behavior, eventually talking to them about entering treatment. The intervention’s main goal is to make the person realize that they have a problem that is affecting the people they care about, and to go to rehab to recover from their addiction.

The personal nature of interventions can make it a tricky meeting to plan and stage; if the target of the intervention doesn't think they have a problem, or that they don’t need treatment, the meeting could backfire, and the person could sink deeper into their addiction and possibly permanently damage relationships with friends and family.

To help you with the intervention process, professional interventionists are available to help families plan, stage, and mediate interventions. They can not only offer advice on where and when to hold an intervention, they can also coach families on what to say during the intervention, how to make the meeting go as smoothly as possible, and can act as an objective third-party mediator.

Here are a few tips to remember if you are organizing an intervention for a loved one:

Be sure to plan ahead. Talk with the interventionist about who would be the best people to have at the intervention. People such as spouses, children, siblings, close friends, and parents all commonly participate in these kinds of meetings. When choosing a time to talk, make sure your loved one isn't intoxicated or impaired so that they have a clear head and can react in a calmer manner. For example, a good time to hold an intervention may be in the early morning, before the loved one has a chance to do any substances that day. Another good time to hold an intervention may be after a major incident involving their drug use, such as a DUI charge.

Pick a formal and private place. While your first instinct may be to hold the intervention at the family home, there may be too many memories connected with the space that can cause an emotional swing. Additionally, if the meeting doesn't go well, the memories from the meeting can cause stress for family members. The best place to hold an intervention is in a therapist’s office or in a conference room that is a neutral space where people feel they need to be on their best behavior.

Be calm and use open body language. The best way to organize your thoughts and figure what you want to say to your loved one is to write a script of all the things that person’s addiction makes you feel. By using warm and open body language such as uncrossed arms and legs, looking at your loved one, leaning in for emphasis, and keeping your hands unclenched, you’re showing love and understanding.

Don’t Wait to Get Addiction Treatment in Houston Today

You aren't alone in wanting to get addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. No matter your background or addiction level, Houston rehab centers have exceptional staff and a number of treatment options that can be tailored to your needs.

Our helpful agents are available, toll-free, 24/7 at [telephone_design1_shortcode]. Give them a call today and start to heal from addiction.

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