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Bowling Green, KY Somatization Therapists 0 found

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Bowling Green, KY Somatization therapists

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Bowling Green, KY


Hiring a somatization therapist can help sufferers from the following recognizable disorders live a more comfortable and fulfilling life in the long term: ? Somatization disorder: An assemblage of unexplained, and often unrelated, physical ailments with no physical cause ? Undifferentiated somatoform disorder: The onset of one physical symptom that lasts for more than six months and has no physical cause ? Pain disorder: Chronic pain that has no underlying physical cause ? Hypochondriasis: Constant worry about the development of an illness, which is often accompanied by the belief that one already possesses the illness ? Conversion disorder: The loss of physical functioning, including sight or hearing, as a result of psychological distress ? Body dysmorphic disorder: A persistent distorted body image

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