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Somatization Therapists

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What a somatization therapist can do for you?

Those who suffer from somatization have psychological concerns that have developed into physical symptoms, even though there is no underlying physical cause. Somatic symptoms, which include pain or nausea, do exist and are not dreamt up by those experiencing them. Several people who experience somatization typically seek out help from a medical doctor at first, regarding the undesirable physical symptoms. When the medical doctor cancels out any underlying causes of a patient's physical symptoms, they might refer the individual to a somatization therapist. An experienced professional is better able to address and treat these underlying psychological issues, thus minimizing or completely alleviating any unfavorable physical symptoms. Therapists assist clients as they attempt to develop coping skills that empower them to deal with both physical and psychological pain in a healthy way.

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Why hire a somatization therapist?

Hiring a somatization therapist can help sufferers from the following recognizable disorders live a more comfortable and fulfilling life in the long term. Somatization disorder: An assemblage of unexplained, and often unrelated, physical ailments with no physical cause. Undifferentiated somatoform disorder: The onset of one physical symptom that lasts for more than six months and has no physical cause. Pain disorder: Chronic pain that has no underlying physical cause. Hypochondriasis: Constant worry about the development of an illness, which is often accompanied by the belief that one already possesses the illness. Conversion disorder: The loss of physical functioning, including sight or hearing, as a result of psychological distress. Body dysmorphic disorder: A persistent distorted body image

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