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Social Anxiety Therapists

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What a social anxiety therapist can do for you?

Also known as social phobia, social anxiety is typically defined as a fear of social situations and/or of interacting with individuals other than one's close family and friends. Those who find their social anxiety to be persistent or have damaging effects on their daily lives, therapy is a helpful option when attempting to address the issue and explore treatment and coping methods. Moreover, therapists will often employ exposure therapy, which is scientifically known to be helpful in reducing social anxiety. When the client is frequently exposed to an intimidating situation with no negative results, the anxiety concerning that situation or feeling will often diminish. For those with severe conditions, antianxiety or antidepressant medications might be recommended, along with intensive therapy.

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Why hire a social anxiety therapist?

Upon hiring a therapist, clients will be exposed to not only cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), but social skills training as well, both of which are proven methods shown to be effective in combating social anxiety. CBT is a form of therapy in which the therapist and the client work together in order to develop healthy strategies to beat the negative effects of anxiety, while establishing new skills for the client to remain addressing his or her condition on an individual basis. Cognitive restructuring is also a common practice with social anxiety clients as they begin to recognize negative beliefs which fuel their condition. This is often helps when attempting to examine one's inner self and any views that may contribute to social anxiety. Those in treatment will develop stronger conversation and listening skills, in addition to gaining a new sense of assertiveness in everyday situations.

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