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Sleep or Insomnia Therapists

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What a sleep or insomnia therapist can do for you?

Sleep or insomnia disorders are conditions characterized by disturbances in sleep patterns that may have a negative impact on mental, physical, and emotional functioning. These disorders are typically caused by external factors, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and/or a major life change, all of which are typically accompanied by damaging cognitive changes. Persistent troubles are apt to lead to the development of further mental health conditions in addition to putting clients at risk for substance abuse. A sleep or insomnia therapist is available to offer support and suggest helpful coping solutions for those who are challenged by long-term sleep or insomnia disorders.

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Why hire a sleep or insomnia therapist?

Therapy for sleep or insomnia disorders usually focus on re-framing behaviors, becoming more self-aware, setting and achieving goals, developing healthy coping strategies, and learning relaxation skills. Upon the discovery of the root cause of the problem, mental health experts can help clients develop more positive skills in order to change unwanted sleep patterns for the better. Insomnia is typically treated with a specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT-I. This form of CBT endeavors to alter a client's sleep schedule and sleep habits while attempting to resolve misconceptions that may lead to difficulty sleeping. A large part of the therapy process is maintaining a diary of regular sleeping patterns in order to track progress with the therapist.

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