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Shopping Addiction Therapists

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What a shopping addiction therapist can do for you?

Those who suffer from a shopping addiction will purchase items they may not necessarily need because the compulsion to do so is strong. In order to ease their current distress, they submit to their disease and indulge in what we refer to casually as retail therapy. Compulsive buying is particularly common in the United States, materialistic culture and the damaging behavior can be as difficult to cease as any other addiction. Although there is no one method designed to address compulsive spending, there are many forms of therapy that are likely to help sufferers including mindfulness techniques and cognitive-behavioral therapy. These therapies help clients achieve control over their habits and impulsive reactions while developing the maintenance of control over their emotions and moods.

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Why hire a shopping addiction therapist?

Those who choose to work with a shopping addiction therapist can expect to gain a stronger emotional awareness and develop healthy emotion regulation strategies. Furthermore, the underlying issues that have been driving the urges to overspend will be addressed during therapy, helping clients recognize the self-protective nature of their behavior and acknowledge its negative consequences. Therapy also helps clients develop and implement healthy alternatives to problematic behavior and avoid situations that trigger destructive behaviors. The ultimate goal of therapy is to incorporate adaptive skills over time which lead to a more balanced, fulfilling, and less self-destructive lifestyle in the long term.

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