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Shawn Hamilton

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The Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Drinking excessive alcohol can affect the process and the level of estrogen in the body that can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Parenting Guide: Preventing Drug Addiction in 3 Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Preventing substance abuse starts with parents learning how to talk with their children about difficult and sensitive topics.

What Really Happened with War on Drugs

40 years after the War on Drugs began, how has it improved the cause? In short, it hasn’t. Rather, it has landed non-violent offenders in prison when they should be in substance abuse treatment and sucked our nation dry of funds that could be going towards helping struggling communities receive the education they need to stay off the streets.

The ABC of Living a Healthy Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

You want to live a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it seems like being healthy is a constant tough battle. But what if living a healthy life was as easy as ABC?

Re-Defining "Normal" During Recovery

After the recovery process continuing a healthy and having a drug-free life is the most challenging. In order to achieve that, an individual should first re-define "normal" during their recovery process.

Know How to Take Care of a Drunk Person [INFOGRAPHIC]

Each year in the US alone, a tremendous amount of drunk drivers die or get into car crashes as a res...

What You Don’t Know about The Deadliest Drugs may Shock You! [INFOGRAPHIC]

 View the Interactive Infographic: What You Don’t Know about The Deadliest Drugs may Shock You!C...

12 Unusual Addictions You Won't Believe are Real [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nearly anything that exudes pleasure may develop into an addiction. The following groups' compulsion...

16 Hollywood Faces Who Are Killed by Drugs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nowadays, Americans can't escape the steady stream of news about celebrities and their controlled substances. Almost each year for the past few decades, we have seen and heard of actors, singers, musicians, and other celebrities dying of a drug overdose, accidentally or intentionally.

How to Find a Training Plan for Addiction Recovery?

Exercise is a vital component of anyone’s life, but it’s especially important for those in recovery. Not only does exercise make you stronger, it helps you concentrate, boosts your self -esteem, and best of all, gives you a chance to set and hit goals that you can see in the mirror.

Top 10 States Addicted to Marijuana [INFOGRAPHIC]

The use, sale and possession of marijuana in the United States is illegal under federal law. However, some of its states have created exemptions for medical cannabis use, as well as decriminalized non-medical cannabis use.

How to Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction [INFOGRAPHIC]

The journey to a healthy, sober life is a lifetime commitment, hard work and dedication. Recovery involves developing a new way of living that will produce a level of happiness and peace. Each person is unique and so is their condition. The steps to recovery from an addiction will vary depending on the level of addiction, the treatment plan used, and the individual.

Facts about Alcohol – What You Need to Know? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Alcohol is almost always present at social events, parties, celebrations and even in small gatherings. People drink to celebrate, socialize, relax, and have fun. While occasionally drinking alcohol doesn’t necessary seems to be a serious problem.

The Worst Remedy for Depression

Depression is a feeling of sadness, despair, sorrow, misery, heartache, grief, anguish, or in short, it’s a feeling of unhappiness. People experiencing such phenomenon will cure it through several ways like taking proper and approved medication or by relying on natural methods.

Facts about Teen Drug and Alcohol Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that alcohol and drug abuse have become a major public issue in America, especially for the nation's youth. Teenagers are actively abusing marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco as early as middle school.

7 Reasons Why People Begin to Use Drugs

One of the main reasons for people using drugs is that they want to feel good. People turn to drugs to change the way their bodies feel. Often, they want to change the reality of their situation.

Watch Your Mouth | What NOT to Say to People in Recovery

Recovering addicts are more likely to be sensitive than non-addicts. Simple words of encouragement can inspire and motivate them. However, these words can also hurt, discourage, and affect their confidence and their entire recovery.

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