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Shame Therapists

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What a shame therapist can do for you?

Severe feelings of shame can significantly change the way an individual views themselves and has the ability to lead to long-lasting social, professional, and sexual struggles, while also affecting other areas of life. Those who have been victimized, abused, or harassed frequently feel a significant amount of shame, while other life circumstances like job loss, infidelity, or even difficult children can cause one to struggle with overwhelming feelings of shame. Therapists help their clients defeat these feelings by offering a healthy and objective perspective of the situation(s) that causes shame to arise. Despite the cause, seeking the help of a mental health professional can help clients gain confidence leading to a happier and more fulfilling life in the long term.

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Why hire a shame therapist?

Hiring a shame therapist allows clients to express themselves and obtain a clear perspective from a third party. Experts who work with survivors of abuse or individuals who feel ashamed due to another's wrongdoing can help these individuals recognize that they are not to blame for the trauma. On the other hand, mental health professionals teach clients who are struggling with a transgression to accept responsibility for their actions and subsequently put their guilt and shame into perspective. This release of blame leads individuals to a point where they are able to liberate themselves from any further negative effects of shame, in addition to conditions like anxiety or depression that result from it. Receiving professional help for damaging feelings can provide freedom from the harsh effects of shame.

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