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Self-harming Therapists

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What a Self-Harming Therapist can do for you?

When someone self-harms, they are forming an emotional release that can lead to complications if untreated. Going to a Self-Harming Therapist can help people who self-injure develop and utilize coping mechanisms to face their emotional pain. They might be going through feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth, depression and self-hatred, and many of these emotions cause people to self-harm themselves. A Self-Harming therapist will work hard with the client to discuss these intense feelings, identify the source of the where the emotional pain is coming from, and develop techniques to reduce the pain. The more the client goes to see the therapist, the better their chances are in succeeding.

Practice areas related to Self-harming

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Why hire a Self-Harming Therapist?

Hiring a Self-Harming therapist is beneficial and important to patients struggling with the condition. Coping mechanisms a therapist might try with the patient include painting, drawing or writing to express their emotions. Taking a hot shower or nice bath to ease tension. Squeezing or throwing ice cubes can have a quick and painless effect that allows the client to divert their anger into physical objects that don't involve themselves. Exercising or punching a pillow or mattress is also discussed. The therapist may also help a client in treatment learn about self-esteem exercises and behaviors such as meditation, mindfulness and creative expression that will assist them into becoming able to handle future triggering situations without acting out on an impulse to self-harm again.

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