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Information about addiction care is everywhere in the media and the internet. But not everything that you find on the web is reliable. You should know what information should be trusted, and which sources to disregard. Here are some common misconceptions about addiction treatment and rehab centers perpetuated by misinformation on the web:

All Addiction Treatment Centers are the same.

The truth is, there are a number of addiction treatment centers out there, each with its own methodology and able to offer you an individualized treatment plan. Every facility has teams of trained professionals such as therapists, counselors, and doctors, who will work with you to develop the best treatment strategy.

Addicts can decide to stop using drugs any time they want, so addiction treatment centers are unnecessary.

An addict’s brain chemistry changes due to prolonged use of substances. That makes stopping drug use a difficult task, because the body is already dependent on the chemicals that drugs are made of. An addict may attempt to stop using drugs, but it will just be for a short period of time. Professional help is necessary to truly break substances’ hold on a person.

Addiction treatment centers work only for those who volunteer to enter them.

Seeking a treatment program doesn’t necessarily need to be voluntary for it to work. Although the chances for success may be higher for those who volunteer because they already have the motivation to get sober, it shouldn’t discount the fact that there are also those who have succeeded by being only “externally” motivated to enter the treatment center.

You will lose your job once you’ve entered a treatment center.

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This may not always be the case depending on your type of employer. There are many employers that have programs in their company that allow substance abusers to seek help from treatment centers while still keeping their job. On the other hand, addiction treatment centers have flexible treatment programs that can allow you to go back home after attending a treatment session. In this case, you can still go back to your lifestyle and keep your job at the same time.