With 6 months of sobriety, I embarked on a spiritual journey that would transform my consciousness and resolve my unresolved issues. With the support of roughly 300 people and two incredible teachers, I learned tools and techniques to share with clients while also working them on myself. I was receiving a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Yet on a higher level, was receiving the transformation of a lifetime.

Spiritual principles acted as a guide, opening a world of possibilities that were invisible to me when I was using drugs. I started to connect more and more with my Authentic Self versus buying into the story of my ego.

The following five spiritual principles changed my life and continue to change the lives of those they touch.

  1. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

    This was the principle that taught me I am divine.

    I had never looked at myself that way. I had only connected with my humanness which I judged as wrong and bad. When I consider myself as a divine being, I know I am innately good. When I connect with my Authentic Self, I can have compassion for my humanness. Substance abuse, mental health, and trauma were all part of my humanness.

    I dedicated myself to the Authentic Self and viewing myself as Divine Love would view me. The fact that I am a spiritual being offered compassion to my behaviors as a human, it also released any attachment to shaming myself any longer.

  2. Personal responsibility is the foundational key that opens the door to freedom.

    I had been living in victim consciousness. I blamed my past and my parents for my inability to get on with life. I never looked at myself. I wanted others to take responsibility for their part and make it right. Then came the harsh realization that no one was coming to avenge my victimhood, not even me.

    Personal responsibility was a difficult quality to accept and embody. However, the day I decided to become the quarterback of my own life instead of sitting on the bench wishing I was in the game was the day that everything changed. My life was what I made of it versus absolving myself of any responsibility to it.

  3. An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your peace.

    In the spirit of personal responsibility, it becomes my duty to my Self to resolve what was unresolved inside of me. Where does one start healing? You start with what is on your mind at the moment. The present moment is the perfect place to look for what’s unresolved.

    We find lots of ways to be upset: traffic, the weather, our jobs, our relationship, our family. You get the point! We can use everything to disturb our peace or we can go inside of ourselves and see what is being disturbed. The level of self-awareness that is cultivated through personal responsibility is profound.

    With self-awareness, we become the owner of our experience.
  4. Judgement is self-condemnation. Self-forgiveness is redemption; and compassion, acceptance, peace and joy naturally flow.

    When the substances were taken out of the equation, I realized how harsh I was with myself. I was abusive to myself – a hard realization for someone who was abused. I was taking over where my abuser left off. Ouch! I felt judged by others. However, when I reflected deeper, I was judging myself. Self-judgment was heavy, painful and counter-productive.

    Yet, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t have the tools to make a different choice. I did know that if I didn’t change my thinking that I wasn’t going to maintain my sobriety. Learning the skill of self-forgiveness provided an opportunity for me to forgive myself for buying into misunderstandings from my past.

    Self-forgiveness offered self-love, acceptance and inner peace.

    I was experiencing these things for the first time in my life.

  5. All life is for learning.

    Taking the approach that all life is for learning and that learning is a part of spiritual growth has allowed experience to be opportunity. I was able to look at challenges and adversity as opportunity for self-actualization. That is the perspective of a creator!

    When life experience is for learning, we can drop expectations and fear of failure and see it all as feedback and course-correction. When I receive feedback from the Universe, I course-correct, if need be. Life isn’t just happening to me anymore; I’ve found a way to be the owner of my experience. Life is enjoyable. Life is can actually be fun and exciting! Imagine that!

Spiritual principles offered a new way of being, a way that resonated with my soul. You might find that these principles speak to you on a deeper level. We are all on our way back to the truth of who we are. Find what uplifts you, helps you evolve and supports you in being the best person you can be.