My little brother was gorgeous. He looked like Tom Cruise only taller and women clung to him as he walked down the street. His vices and addictions included almost anything he could drink or eat or take or do.

Basically, he was always the life of the party and was down for whatever he felt got him altered or out of whatever pain he may have had, or thought he was going through. He was in and out of a variety of rehabs his whole life and tried to end whatever the pain of life was to him, multiple times.

I will never forget having our family sit through a group session with him and his counselor. He went around the room to our father, mother, and to me as his brother, and expounded how each of us had negatively affected him or how we were responsible for where he was now. Half way through, I got up and walked out because at the time I was not going to be dragged down into this with him.

One night in the spring, he finally succeeded in his personal mission to end all of this pain after partying all night with friends. Somewhere between pain pills and Margaritas, he found that concoction and tipping point of critical mass that caused him to die on the floor of my parent’s bedroom. My parents were out of town at the time and I had to pick them up from the airport and tell them what had happened.

It was the worst conversation of my life.

Kevin was 28 years old. This event shattered our family and we were never the same. My parents bemoaned losing a son while never acknowledging I had lost my brother.

His funeral was ornate and over the top. The church service that followed was an event fit for royalty or the passing of some famous political figure. I would do or say most anything magical if it would bring my brother back for even one day, one hour, one minute.

He missed out on watching my young sons grow up, their marriages, and the births of their gorgeous children. He also missed everyone’s fun and fulfilling lives that could have been a part of.

I am sure he is in the spirit world, looking over all of this, even reading this, and kind of laughing to himself. He had a great sense of humor and everyone loved him. I am writing all of this for you to read because, 

I believe beyond all knowing that as long as you are alive and moving forward, you have a chance for redemption, rebirth, rejuvenation, and recovery.

You have the ability to experience sobriety and work your way back from the edge to recovery. I am offering you a free downloadable addiction Audio MP3, reach out to me for help.