Each year in the US alone, a tremendous amount of drunk drivers die or get into car crashes as a result of alcohol. Many individuals assume that the act of passing out, vomiting, and being really drunk will eventually be slept off, and the worst that will come of it is a nasty hangover the next morning. Unfortunately, this type of thinking this could endanger the lives of those inebriated, in addition to others around them.

It is important to always remember that when someone at a bar or party gets so drunk that they are unable to take care of themselves, the individual at serious risk of harming themselves and others. If they have consumed too much altogether, they may even be suffering from alcohol poisoning and need immediate medical attention. Having the ability to recognize alcohol poisoning in a drunk person could be the difference between life and death; knowing exactly what to do when attempting to care for a drunk person is an essential skill for everyone, especially those who love to party. For instructions on how to care for a drunk person, check out the infographic for more information.

how to care for a drunk person

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