Is an excuse holding you back?

Many people find that something forces them to continue using drugs. Often, it is a person’s attitude that poses biggest threat to their recovery. Identifying what excuses you are using and actively combating them will help you through the entire recovery process. The most common excuses among those dealing with addiction are:

  1. I can stop whenever I want to

    People can develop devastating alcohol and drug addictions. Individuals who are addicted can lose friends, their jobs, and perhaps even their ability to function in the outside world. Denial affects everyone. The belief that you can stop when you want is erroneous; drugs exert a powerful hold over the mind. Drugs and alcohol impair the brain’s ability to function and often those addicted truly can’t see the harm the substance is having on their health and their relationships.
  2. I’m just going to relapse

    Relapse is an unfortunate reality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. This excuse assumes that relapse is an unrecoverable failure. The reality is that relapse is only a setback, and recovery is a lifelong process. Many experts state that relapse is a part of the process. They also believe that people to go back into treatment after a relapse are even more successful.
  3. Everyone around me does drugs and drinks alcohol. I can’t escape it

    There is no denying that people make friends who also do drugs or drink alcohol and those people may not want to get help. Unfortunately, these may be ties that you need to cut. With support from family and friends who do not use drugs, you can beat addiction. Another great help is speaking with support groups. These people have all been where you are now and can give helpful advice and support.
  4. I don’t have enough money

    Money is an obvious concern but insurance providers have coverage for rehab treatment services and many local, state, and federal programs have free treatment programs available for those who have little to no income.
  5. I don’t deserve to get clean

    This is never a valid excuse but the continued use of drugs and alcohol can affect and individual’s self-esteem and confidence. The sense of hopelessness among those addicted can be extreme. Yet people have been defeating addiction for years and live out the rest of their lives free of drugs and alcohol.

There is Help Available

Whatever the excuse holding you back, you can break the cycle of addiction now. There are treatment centers available for all types of drug and alcohol addictions. You can get the help you need when you need to escape the stressors and triggers of the outside world. Excuses are just that. They are not chains holding you in place, you can break free from addiction. Don’t give up.