Just like coaches who push athletes to achieve greatness in sports, life coaches push their clients to find success and satisfaction in their life. These professionals give guidance that help clients recognize their strong suits, reach their dreams, focus on goals, and overcome the challenges that stand in their way. 

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Addiction Recovery and Life Coach Joy Rigberg who shared her story and experience of achieving a life filled with sobriety.

  1. What are your duties as an Addiction Recovery and Life Coach?

    Coaching is an active approach to transforming your life, by transforming your thoughts. 

    It is focused on the future you want to create — not your past mistakes.

    Coaching is a collaborative experience. I’ll prompt you with questions, guide you towards your own answers, and reflect back what I see & hear. Sometimes, I’ll guide you into a healing meditation, or an energy practice, to help you change your inner soundtrack to a more positive, empowering tune. Other times, we’ll simply plan your goals & self-care practices for the next 24 hours.

    Coaches meet you where you are, without judgement, without bias. It’s their role to help you discover your potential — and hold you accountable to your healthiest & highest intentions.

  2. Based on your experience of co-dependency, how does enabling worsen one’s case of addiction?

    As I was in the throes of enabling and co-dependent behaviors, the message that I was essentially giving off was that,

    You are incapable, irresponsible, unable, to do the things that I do for you, to live a happy, peaceful life that you love on your own, without your substance and my help.

  3. How were you able to cope with co-dependency?

    By getting clear on what my values, needs, interests, and tastes are, getting to the root of my limiting thoughts and beliefs, practicing daily self-love and acceptance, and by continuing to do my own work.

  4. Why do you work well with people suffering from a substance addiction?

    By living my truth and coming from a place of love, presence, interest, curiosity, compassion, and nonjudgment. My Addiction Recovery + Life Coaching philosophy is, 

    You deserve to love your life.

    It’s as simple as that. But loving yourself — and your life — doesn’t just ‘happen’. It takes conscious daily effort. It takes courage. And it takes practice.

    I’ve spent nearly two decades scouring the world, seeking out & studying some of the most powerful healing modalities on the planet. I help clients choose & customize the precise tools that they require to break the cycle of relapse — together, we create the future that they want & deserve.

  5. Aside from treatments from counselors, what other services do substance abusers require?

    I believe that multiple sources of support are necessary for recovery from an addiction and really from any obstacle or challenge that comes as part of the package of life such as recovery and life coaching.

  6. As a coach, how do you monitor your patients’ progress in recovery?

    During coaching sessions, we’ll meet on the phone. I’ll set the tone for each session with a grounding meditation. Then, we’ll dive into the biggest priorities on your plate like:

    • Rebuilding significant relationships
    • Exploring career possibilities
    • Releasing feelings of shame, guilt, anger, resentment, & anxiety
    • Quieting negative mental chatter
    • Limiting negative beliefs
    • Foundational self-care like sleeping, exercising, and eating well.

    Ultimately, the Purpose of Addiction Recovery & Life Coaching is to help you . . .

    • Remember your own beliefs, values, & strengths.
    • Learn how to get honest with yourself & others
    • Treat yourself with compassion, deep care, & love.
    • Remove some of the social conditioning that has masked your True Self.

    In between scheduled sessions, you’ll have personalized goals & intentions to work on. Every time you uphold a commitment, it’s like adding a twenty-dollar bill to your self-love & confidence bank. And as your bank fills, you’ll be well on your way to the life you want & deserve.

  7. How do you handle difficult patients?

    Really, I don’t see people or patients as being difficult. I accept everyone for who they are, where they are in their life and in their recovery, and I meet them there.

  8. What’s your greatest accomplishment as a coach?

    I feel accomplished each time I show up for a client with complete presence and unconditional support while providing them with the space to be exactly who they are.

  9. What is Desire Map and how does it help people with a substance addiction?

    The Desire Map is an experience. It’s an opportunity to pause and listen in. It’s a sacred invitation to remember your soul and re-assess the trajectory of your life. The Desire Map is a catalyst for embodying your life according to how you want to feel. Starting NOW. It’s a guide for feeling that way every single step of your fabulous one-of-a-kind-soul-shine journey.

    It’s a deep call to authenticity; an elegant reminder and soulful guide for living from the inside out.

    The Desire Map is an experiential program for getting clear on how you really want to feel in every area of your life and using that powerful awareness to guide your actions, goals, and dreams from now on. It’s a journey rooted in soul-centered, embodied wisdom. On it, you will reconnect with your core truth and revitalize what matters: your desires, your soul, your life.