While many people opt for cats or dogs as their pet of choice, there’s a world of wonder to be discovered by owning a rabbit. These gentle, docile creatures can provide happiness, love and amusement for anyone who feels they’re missing a special element in their life. Especially people prone to depression, bunnies are a great option. Here’s five reasons to consider getting these furry bundles of joy:

  1. Bunnies are Super Cute

    bunnies are super cute

    They’re naturally adorable, so if you’re coming home from a rough day- just gazing into your bun’s eyes will be more than enough to cheer you up. Popular breeds for extra cuteness definitely belong to Holland Lops and Lionheads. The nice thing about these breeds is they are also relatively small, so you won’t need much space to house them. A typical Holland Lop will only grow to about three or four pounds.

  2. Bunnies are Clean

    bunnies are clean

    Unlike dogs and cats, which can make messes not too desirable, bunnies are natural groomers. They prefer to clean themselves, and it is not advised to give them baths. And while a kitty may also lick herself to stay fresh- her litter most certainly is not, and the smell can be quite strong. Rabbits usually have little to no smell even after going to the bathroom. It is advised to neuter your male rabbit and spay your female after six months, to avoid unnecessary spraying and territory marking.

  3. Bunnies are Easy to Care for

    bunnies are easy to care for

    When looking for a pet, it is almost certain those that choose dogs will have to make sure the animal is walked at least twice a day and given plenty of vaccinations and health checkups. Cats are independent but have tendencies to tear up everything around them, and most certainly need more supervision. A rabbit, however, is fairly simple to look after. They just need a cage, water, and some bunny proofing space to hop around in. Their diet should consist mostly of Timothy Hay. Pellets are fine, but not necessary once they are over one year old. If you purchase your bunny in America, no vaccinations should be required unless the animal becomes ill.

  4. Bunnies are Quiet

    bunnies are quiet

    Known to be gentle and easy going, you’ll barely hear your rabbit make noise- unless he’s digging in his cage. Even this is hardly audible. You will never have to worry about your neighbors complaining like they would to a loud bark or meowing. Rabbits are most active early morning and in the evenings, so the more floor time they have at night- the better they will sleep. Being quiet also helps those that want a less intrusive and wild companion. Bunnies are very relaxing to observe, and their subtle nature helps those who have gone through traumatic periods, or suffer from anxiety.

  5. Bunnies are Playful

    The best part of owning your bunny is the playfulness of the creature. Curious by nature, they always will be doing something interesting, running in circles, or nibbling at your feet. There is never a dull moment – though make sure you proof your surrounding area so the rabbit doesn’t chew on items that could cause potential danger (or sadness if they’re, say, a pair of shoes).

Plenty of pet stores sell bunnies, but if you want to save the life of a rabbit you might opt into adopting one at your local animal shelter. Many times, the small fee for the pet includes free medical checkups and neutering/spaying of the animal. For more information on how to care for a rabbit, visit www.rabbit.org.

Images from pixabay.com