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Psychodynamic Therapists

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What a psychodynamic therapist can do for you?

The psychological interpretation of mental and emotional processes is referred to as psychodynamic therapy and is rooted in traditional psychoanalysis drawing from ego psychology, object relations, and self-psychology. This type of therapy was developed as a simpler and shorter alternative to psychoanalysis and aims to address and treat the basis and formation of psychological processes to ease symptoms and improve client's lives. In psychodynamic therapy, mental health professionals assist clients as they attempt to review their thoughts, early-life experiences, emotions, and beliefs in order to gain awareness into their lives and current struggles while taking the time to evaluate any destructive patterns that have developed over time. Identifying recurring habits helps clients avoid stress and create defense mechanisms as a coping method, in order to take the steps required to change those harmful patterns.

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Why hire a psychodynamic therapist?

Similar to psychoanalysis, the goal of psychodynamic therapy is to ease mental tension. This type of therapy also depends on the interpersonal relationship between therapist and client, more than many other forms of depth psychology. Not only does psychodynamic therapy help to relieve distressing mental symptoms, it also works to grow and strengthen inner strengths and capacities in order to improve the overall quality of one's life. Additionally, the following benefits can be expected with hard work and dedication: Increased self esteem, Increased confidence in personal abilities, Increased understanding of one's self and others, Increased ability to have more satisfying relationships, Recognition and toleration of a wider range of emotions, and Gradually becoming more able to face issues and difficulties.

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