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Postpartum Depression Therapists

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What a postpartum depression therapist can do for you?

Ladies who experience postpartum depression might be hesitant to seek help because of the feelings of failure, the social stigma linked with having a mental health condition, and/or fear that the baby will be removed from her home. Furthermore, the cultural belief that motherhood should bring only joy and fulfillment can cause feelings of defeat with new mothers. A postpartum depression therapist can help you work through these overwhelming feelings as talking about your symptoms is an important step towards finding relief. Furthermore, combined with therapy, antidepressant medications are apt to be highly effective when treating postpartum depression. However, nursing mothers should consider either switching their babies to formula or waiting until that period is over before beginning a medication regimen.

Practice areas related to Postpartum Depression

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Why hire a postpartum depression therapist?

Experienced therapists are able to help women sort out the painful emotions of postpartum depression in a number of ways, including: Helping women understand the nature of postpartum depression, Coming up with a variety of coping mechanisms to ease the demands of motherhood, Empowering new mothers to change negative thought processes, Exploring any issues other than motherhood that could be contributing to the depression such as pre-existing mental health concerns, relationship issues, childhood trauma, job stress, Helping clients develop secure support systems, Treating anxiety and developing coping skills, Establishing healthier lifestyle habits including regular sleep while developing the support necessary to form these habits.

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