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Oregon Drug Rehab Recovery Centers

Searching for reliable rehabilitation centers in Oregon for yourself or for someone you love? has a massive online database including private, luxurious packages, and we can assist you with finding the best drug & alcohol addiction rehab for your addiction needs. Whether you’re addicted to methamphetamines, alcohol, Roxicodone, or any other addictive substance, rehab facilities can help anyone quit using drugs.

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Choosing between Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab in Oregon

An important decision you will have to make when selecting from rehab centers in Oregon is deciding between inpatient and outpatient treatment. There are numerous drug and alcohol rehab services available, including outpatient therapy and inpatient care which provides medical attention if needed. A number of individuals like the idea of outpatient rehab because it is inexpensive and they can travel to treatment while continuing to live in their residence. However, some find the distractions too great when they continue to reside in their current neighborhood, which is why inpatient treatment can be a good idea. These programs allow individual to reside in the facility while receiving treatment. For quesitons, contact Recovery Experts at (877) 257-7997 today.

Addiction Recovery Treatment in Oregon located in a new area can help you

Staying at a rehab center which is close to your current residence isn't always helpful, because you are closer to the people and the environment which triggered your drug abuse. If you are thinking of participating in an exclusive program, there are likely to be additional advantages to choosing a rehab treatment center outside your current location. Staying at a luxury addiction rehabilitation center in Oregon for an extended time can help individuals to focus completely on getting better. The decision to attend drug and alcohol addiction treatment in your present location or in another city or state is an important decision you have to make, and our team of professionals can help you make the choice. We can be reached 24/7 at (877) 257-7997.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Plagues Oregon

Oregon has the dubious honor of being in the top ten states for drug abuse in many categories, and is number one for the non-medical use of prescription pain relievers. In Oregon, 12.63% of residents report using illicit drugs. What are the consequences of so many people using and addicted to drugs? Look at some of these statistics:

  • The death rate from drug overdose in Oregon is 4 times higher than it was in the year 2000.
  • Approximately 1,171 people per year are hospitalized for drug overdose.
  • In 2012, nearly 3 ½ million opioid prescriptions were dispensed; that’s over 900 prescriptions for every 1,000 Oregon residents.
  • Over 60,000 arrests every year are attributable to drugs and alcohol, including driving while intoxicated.
  • 33.5% of all traffic fatalities are due to intoxication.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 268,000 people in Oregon over the age of 12 abuse or are dependent on alcohol, and 120,000 people abuse or are dependent on illicit drugs. Sadly, less than 14% of the people suffering from substance dependency receive the treatment they need to get healthy again.

In order to combat this growing health epidemic, Oregon drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer many types of addiction treatment which can help anyone get clean and sober. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, don’t wait to get help.

Find the Right Oregon Drug Rehab Program: Call (877) 257-7997today!

How to Choose the Right Drug Rehab Program in Oregon

Drug addiction specialists know that every person is unique, and that every path to addiction recovery is unique as well. There are hundreds of different drug treatment programs in Oregon and with so many options available, anyone can find a rehab center which will meet their addiction needs.

But how do you determine which is the right Oregon rehab for you or your loved one? If you’re not familiar with the kinds of services available, it can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as you are evaluating different Oregon rehab centers, and don’t feel pressured to select a facility which doesn't feel right to you. The consequences of choosing the wrong rehab center can include relapse or an outright return to drug use.

Here are some of the basic options available:

  • Inpatient treatment

    This kind of treatment is a bit like staying in a hospital, with 24-hour medical supervision. More and more, inpatient treatment lasts only as long as detoxification and withdrawal. However, some high-end drug rehab facilities in Oregon still make this option available for those who can afford it.

  • Outpatient treatment

    If you want to live at your current residence while going through rehab, outpatient treatment may be an option. It is less expensive than inpatient treatment, and allows you to continue working or going to school while attending regular appointments at a nearby facility.

  • Residential treatment

    This type of treatment combines the best aspects of inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Accommodations are provided at residential homes, with continuous supervision and staff support.

  • Length of treatment

    Rehab treatment programs typically last from 30 to 90 days, depending on the circumstances of the addiction. Many people are successful in rehab with a one-month program, but statistics show that the longer rehab lasts, the better the chances of maintaining sobriety in the long-run.

  • Location of treatment

    There are many advantages to traveling out of state to attend rehab, the biggest of which is removing the addicted individual from contact with the people and places which trigger drug use. Privacy is another concern for many patients who prefer to receive treatment away from the current location. On the other hand, being close to your residence offers the advantage of having loved ones nearby, where they can participate in the treatment process and help ensure a lasting recovery.

  • Treatment program options

    Most drug and alcohol treatment centers in Oregon offer some combination of counseling, group support, healthy activities, and education to their recovering patients. However the specifics of those programs may vary greatly. You’ll even find facilities which specialize in activities such as art therapy, animal therapy, mindfulness training, and other alternative strategies.

If you are have trouble sifting through the many options available, advisers can help. Call (877) 257-7997 and we’ll guide you through the process, and help you begin the journey to a life of sobriety. Don’t wait – one phone call can change your life.

Questions to Ask about Rehab Centers in Oregon

Here are some more questions to ask when you are looking for the perfect Oregon drug rehab facility.

  1. What evidenced-based behavioral therapies does the program use? Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, motivational incentives, and group therapy have all proven to be very effective during addiction rehab.
  2. Does the program employ medications? Certain addictions can be treated with medication that reduce cravings and manage withdrawal.
  3. Does the program offer personalized treatment plans? Because no two people are exactly alike, and no two addictions are exactly alike, no one treatment plan can successfully help every patient. Treatment plans should be developed for each individual, and adapted according to the patient’s changing needs.
  4. What aftercare programs are provided? Once rehab is completed, it’s essential to have continuing support and guidance as the patient transitions back to everyday living.

We have the answers to all these questions and more about addiction treatment programs in Oregon. Call now to talk to one of our experts! We’re here all day, every day at [telephone_design1_shortcode].

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