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Non-monogamy Therapists

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What a non-monogamy therapist can do for you?

Polyamory is the practice of having or pursuing multiple romantic relationships along with the knowledge and consent of all people involved. Many who pursue these types of relationships find them to be rewarding, but with all relationships, challenges are apt to arise and when these situations occur, a therapist is often able to help committed partners navigate through the tougher aspects of polyamory and other non-monogamous relationship styles. Therapists are also able to help clients with the early stages of a non-monogamous relationship, in addition to providing safe place for individuals to discuss their goals for and apprehensions concerning a non-monogamous relationship.

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Why hire a non-monogamy therapist?

Partners who have a desire to remain committed to each other and also wish to explore intimacy or relationships with others, may find therapy to be a safe and positive place to both begin and continue discussion of this subject matter. Some of the issues that are commonly addressed in regards to non-monogamous partnerships include communication skills, boundary navigation, safe sex practices, the potential for jealousy, and feelings of inadequacy or neglect. Despite their interest, there are some who may find that a polyamorous lifestyle is not for them and therapy can help one recognize and clarify this realization while providing a supportive place for the client to discuss this with their partner(s).

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