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Multicultural Issues Therapists

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What a multicultural issues therapist can do for you?

Multicultural issues cover a wide range of concerns such as ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, and/or disability. Those from new and different social groups are apt to being negatively stereotyped and highly discriminated against due to their differences from the main culture in which they wish to be acclimated. Since the United States is a melting pot, there are circumstances in school, work, and social situations where there will inevitably be cultural differences. Those who find it difficult to fit in or are discriminated against may find therapy beneficial. Individuals choosing to work with a therapist will have the opportunity to talk through their struggles and receive advice on how to better adjust to their new world.

Practice areas related to Multicultural Issues

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Why hire a multicultural issues therapist?

Depression and other mental health disorders that one group may see as a motive for therapy may be viewed as a personal matter to be dealt with by family or religion in a different culture. A recent immigrant to the U.S. experiencing depression and also facing the entirely different cultural setting of his or her new home would strongly benefit from talking to a professional. A therapist with a background in multicultural issues is able to identify if the problem is one of adjustment or depression. The expert can also make recommendations about how to better acclimate to a new culture and help the client to anticipate potential problems and how to diffuse them.

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