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Mood Swings Therapists

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What a mood swings therapist can do for you?

Mood swings are described as quick changes in one's emotional state and may arise as a reaction to environment or circumstances, as a result of a mental or physical health condition, or for no apparent reason at all. Everyone experiences general moodiness at one time or another, but in some situations, severe fluctuations in mood may have a negative effect on health and daily function. In some cases, mood swings are a sign of an underlying mental health condition such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression. Should a disorder be discovered, medication along with psychotherapy will likely help to ease these overwhelming feelings. A therapist will address and treat the underlying causes of mood swings, while helping the client form coping skills that create a foundation for a happier, more fulfilling future.

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Why hire a mood swings therapist?

Hiring a mood swings therapist may help you recognize why these feelings arise and take the steps required to control these destructive attitudes. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular technique among clients who are affected by mood swings as it helps to change negative thoughts, which then improves behavior. Moreover, experts teach effective stress management skills including meditation and mindfulness to treat mood swings. Additionally, medical professionals help clients discover helpful outlets for anxiety, stress, and frustration to manage damaging feelings. Therapy can also step in to treat mood swings when they are a result of subconscious feelings of grief or anger, thus reducing or entirely relieving them altogether.

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