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Money and Financial Issues Therapists

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What a money and financial issues therapist can do for you?

Therapy has the ability to help alleviate the pressure of financial issues and may even assist in eliminating the client's economic challenges altogether. Therapy helps individuals evaluate whether or not their spending habits are healthy and/or if their outlooks about money are the product of destructive lessons learned during childhood. For example, a client may have been inadvertently taught that anxiety can be (temporarily) alleviated by going on a shopping spree, since that was a technique employed by his or her parent(s). On the other hand, some have issues with underspending that may have arisen due to living in poverty as a child.

Practice areas related to Money and Financial Issues

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Why hire a money and financial issues therapist ?

Recognizing the emotional need that is met through shopping, or a lack thereof, is the first step toward changing the damaging habit which deeply affects not only their own lives, but the lives of their family members as well. A therapist is able to help clients discover the source of this need while working with them in developing improved coping skills that will allow him or her to maintain financial health in the long term. Furthermore, an expert can help clients allocate their income in a healthy way, in order to optimize their paychecks and lead them down the path to financial security.

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