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Learning Disabilities/Difficulties Therapists

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What a learning difficulties therapist can do for you?

A learning difficulty (also known as a learning disability) is characterized as an issue with the brain's ability to process information. Those who struggle with learning difficulties do not typically learn in the same manner or as quickly as their classmates and may find specific aspects of learning, such as the development of basic math or writing skills, to be rather challenging. Therapists are available to identify specific areas of difficulty while developing individualized learning plans and strategies, such as an IEP (individualized education program). This will help to adjust education and learning strategies in order to best fit the clients strengths while accommodating for areas of weakness.

Practice areas related to Learning Disabilities/Difficulties

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Why hire a learning difficulties therapist ?

Children and teenagers are apt to experience frustration, anger, anxiety, and/or stress due to the difficulty at school. These emotional issues often worsen during test times, when the child has a hard time understanding assignments, and at the beginning of each new school year. This is why speaking about these and other emotional concerns to a therapist can be more than helpful. Furthermore, a child may also learn effective coping mechanisms to help manage the school difficulty and any subsequent emotional issues. Professional therapy has also been proven helpful when those with a learning difficulty feel anxious, shy, or find it challenging to express themselves to others. Since emotional distress often occurs as a result, talking through these struggles in therapy usually prove to be beneficial.

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