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Kelly Greene

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6 Steps to Rebuilding Relationships after Rehab

Breaking free from the chains of addiction is a liberating experience. People in recovery, after severing all ties with their substance of choice, feel empowered—like they can do anything.

Your Therapist and You: How Counseling Works in Rehab

Many people mistakenly believe that addiction is purely a physical problem—that once the source of the drug is taken away and the cravings subside, the addiction is over. But dependency issues are much more complex.

Could There Be Other Options for the Substance Abuse Problem among Youth?

Adolescence is a risky stage where young people are naturally seeking independence, adventure, excitement, and some risks. It is also a time when adolescents feel dramatic changes in their bodies, emotions, and perspective.

Nine Dumbfounding Drug-Related Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records is a compendium of amazing feats, natural wonders, human achievements, and astounding facts from around the globe.

Five Simple Steps to Self-Forgiveness after Addiction

When addiction ends, negative emotions creep back in: loss, loneliness, sadness, fear, grief, regret. Guilt is something that every person in recovery must struggle with.

Which Employees Abuse the Most Drugs?

While it isn’t a huge secret that drug and alcohol abuse is a big problem in the United States, few stop to consider the effect it has on our nation's workers. Substance problems are bound to leak into a person's professional life. Workers may suffer numerous accidents, miss shifts, or get sick much more often than those who remain sober.

4 Essential Foods You MUST Eat for Successful Recovery

Comfort foods like potato chips, candy, pizza, and other unwise lifestyle choices have been much mal...

What Experts Say: How Can Yoga Help Recovery?

Yoga unites and heals mind, body, and spirit, making it a perfect complement to addiction recovery. This meditation practice is particularly helpful in dealing with the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of substance addiction.

Managing Stress during Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are many ways on how individuals can manage or reduce stress during their recovery process. It is very important to understand managing stress during drug and alcohol rehab because it will make an individual better equipped at moving past it.

Driving High: The Rise of Drugged Driving

Drunk driving is less common today than ever, but a disturbing new trend has risen up to take its pl...

7 Barbaric Addiction Treatments

Most people who are struggling with addiction go to a rehabilitation center, counseling and get the proper medication to get through the steps to a better life. But you wouldn’t believe some of the more drastic steps people have gone through just to get clean.

What Experts Say: Can Addiction Be Unlearned?

For decades, scientists and doctors have struggled to explain the root cause of addiction and develop an effective treatment method. Lately, a popular theory has gained ground: that addiction is a habit that can be learned and unlearned.

5 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Great Companions

While many people opt for cats or dogs as their pet of choice, there’s a world of wonder to be discovered by owning a rabbit. These gentle, docile creatures can provide happiness, love and amusement for anyone who feels they’re missing a special element in their life. Especially people prone to depression, bunnies are a great option.

Paring Down: How to Live More Simply During Recovery

In the midst of our addiction, our own living space can be a bit symbol of the overall addiction. Hoarding, messiness, and neglect can turn our living spaces into one big trigger for addictions.

Addiction Goals: Hard Truths about Your “Old” Friends

However, the problem with your “old friends” is that they may not be a good influence on you and could even lead to relapse. Accepting the hard truths when it comes to your previous social life may help you stay sober for the long term.

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