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Jealousy Therapists

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What a jealousy therapist can do for you?

Although jealousy is an emotion rather than a diagnosis, there are some cases in which individuals experience this feeling so strongly that it begins to negatively affect his or her life. In this circumstance, jealousy may even contribute to the development of certain mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. There are three major causes of jealousy: sibling rivalry, romantic jealousy, or workplace jealousy. An experienced therapist is able to help clients explore these destructive feelings while providing the foundation to build self-confidence and make changes to his or her life in order to create a happier, more fulfilling life.

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Why hire a jealousy therapist ?

Hiring a therapist typically leads to peace of mind as finding underlying causes of jealousy will bring out some of the more important issues that need to be addressed. For example, some individuals are concerned that their partner may cheat or they may feel envious when the partner goes out with friends alone, when in reality, the client's relationship needs are simply not being fulfilled, which leads to feelings of extreme jealousy.Therapy is often a very effective treatment as couples facing mutual jealousy may benefit from marital counseling, while an individual may profit from working with a therapist to process particularly painful emotions and change damaging thoughts that negatively affect his or her behavior.

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