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Intellectual Disability Therapists

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What an intellectual disability therapist can do for you?

An intellectual disability, formerly known as mental retardation, is described as a mild to severe impairment to cognitive functioning. Intellectual disabilities are the most common type of developmental disability and originates before the age of 18. This disability is characterized by mild to severe limitations in adaptive behavior (social and practical skills) as well as intellectual functioning.An intellectual disability therapist can help to make the client's life more manageable by helping them talk through their difficulties and find solutions. Furthermore, those who also have co-occurring disorders, such as depression, will also benefit from working with an intellectual disability therapist.

Practice areas related to Intellectual Disability

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Why hire an intellectual disability therapist?

Hiring an intellectual disability therapist helps clients and their families cope with the challenges of everyday life while encouraging and assisting with communication. Trained experts are able to draw out topics or problems that the client is struggling to communicate, easing stress and frustration for everyone involved. Individuals challenged with an intellectual disability frequently have a wide range of options for help and support available to them. Those who incorporate psychotherapy into their support system often find it easier to express their emotions and experiences, making it easier for mental health care providers to identify and diagnose conditions as they arise.

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