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Infidelity / Affair Therapists

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What an Infidelity/Affair Therapist can do for you?

Going to therapy for infidelity is not easy, but incredibly necessary if patients want to ease the tensions and lead a healthier relationship. The Infidelity/Affair Therapist can serve as a caring and supportive listener. This is very important because each partner will most likely be expressing his or her emotions regarding the infidelity and the therapist can absorb this information and then help the couple determine their needs and future goals for the relationship, whether they choose to continue it or end it all together. If the couple decides to maintain the relationship, a therapist can help assist them by helping each partner discover his or her level of devotion and commitment to the relationship, while also teaching the couple skills for repairing trust, and guiding them through the challenging process of healing.

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Why hire an Infidelity/Affair Therapist?

Hiring an Infidelity/Affair Therapist will help a couple truly clarify the true nature of their relationship to begin with. It will encourage an open evaluation of the couple's strengths and weaknesses, desires and accomplishments, and boundaries for their future. In addition, hiring an Infidelity/Affair therapist can help people who feel they are the ones to blame for the act, and for the partners to work through these feelings while obtaining new perspectives. If a couple decides to end the relationship once and for all, the therapist is a great mediator and can still be of assistance for both parties. Dealing with a cheating partner is never easy, and a therapist with expertise in this field is always a wise move to make everything easier.

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