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Individuation Therapists

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What an individuation therapist can do for you?

Problems with individuation can arise when children are discouraged to be sad, worried, or angry. Furthermore, harassment in the workplace or at home can also lead to individuation issues. Rather than being comfortable to express themselves and trust their feelings, victims are taught to bury them deep down inside. Since these individuals no longer have internal feeling cues to rely on, they rarely have the confidence to make well thought out decisions, as they do not have a strong ability to self-reflect. This often results in paralysis or dependency on others. An experienced individuation therapist is able to help clients find the root cause of these struggles and guide them along the path of building self-reliance and self-esteem.

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Why hire an individuation therapist?

Being an individual is defined as a person who is completely separate from the significant people in his or her life. However, the process of individuation is unable to occur when one's capacity to understand their wants and the ability to get it is significantly impaired. Upon hiring an individuation therapist, clients are assisted in and encouraged to discover their true voice while becoming comfortable with their own needs, opinions, and desires. Furthermore, it is common for those struggling with individuation to battle a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety or depression. Hiring an individuation therapist will provide surmounted benefits for the clients happiness, confidence, and overall wellbeing.

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