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Bowling Green, KY Impulse Control Disorder (ICD) Therapists 0 found

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Bowling Green, KY Impulse Control Disorder (ICD) therapists

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Bowling Green, KY

Impulse Control Disorder (ICD)

Impulse control therapists can assist clients with the following goals: ? Identify impulsive and addictive cycles and behaviors ? Identify and treat any co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety ? Understand the physiological and psychological components of your impulses ? Create new and healthy patterns ? Begin to repair relationships affected by impulsivity or addiction ? Create a comprehensive treatment plan unique to your specific needs Clients who enlist the help of a professional will begin to weigh the pros and cons of an action. Rather than buying an item you can?t afford or screaming at your boss, you will likely start to rely on reason and be able to keep your actions under control. In order to experience a happier, healthier, and more productive life, consider finding an impulse control therapist who connects with you.

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