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Identity Issues Therapists

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What an identity issues therapist can do for you?

Every person has his or her own identity, a set of conditions or categories which a person uses to view themselves and construct their opinion of the world. An identity is created from many things: a person's race, their religion, sexual identity, gender, ethnic background, and a wealth of other genetic, geographical, and intangible sources. Feeling secure in our own identities is part of what gives us confidence and self-worth. If a person lacks a strong sense of identity, then problems arise. Uncertainty and self-doubt can lead to anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, and a host of other mental health disorders and may even spill over into physical health. Identity issues therapists address a patient's uncertainty. Here, individuals have a chance to discuss their identity issues in a welcoming, safe environment.

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Why hire an identity issues therapist?

Developing a sense of self is a vital part growing up and when an individual struggles with this process, a therapist can be highly beneficial. Identity issues therapists take the steps necessary in helping the client salvage their physical and mental health while helping them develop healthy ways to battle their struggles. With therapy, clients have the ability to reduce their depression, find better ways to cope with challenges linked to their identity issues, and ultimately begin to find themselves in the process. Some of the more common psychological disorders that are known to accompany identity issues include gender identity disorder, dissociative identity disorder, and other serious conditions, which should be addressed immediately as they can be seriously detrimental to an individual's mental health.

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