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Helplessness Therapists

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What a helplessness therapist can do for you?

A person with severe depression may suffer form persistent feelings of depression. The idea that no matter what you do, you're helpless to improve your situation. For example, a wealthy person who has thousands of dollars to spare might spend little or none of it, because the helplessness they learned as a poor child still hangs over their psyche. A woman who was previously in an abusive, angry relationship may distrust her new boyfriend because of that past trauma. A child who was sheltered and coddled may, as an adult, be unable to form meaningful relationships with others and feel helpless about the ebb and flow of his or her life. This type of "learned helplessness" can cause definite problems in an individual's life, robbing them of their happiness, their social life, and their romantic relationships. A helplessness therapist specializes in assisting patients to "unlearn" their helplessness and take back command of their lives.

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Why hire a helplessness therapist?

A person who feels helpless even when they aren't (technically called "learned helplessness") encounters problems in his or her life. Helpless people become passive, lose all of their energy, their verve, their lust for life, and become unable to start, finish, or accomplish any task. This may eventually lead to their work or school performance suffering, their relationships falling apart, and their hobbies becoming unenjoyable or even torturous. If depression or some other mental disorder was the initial cause of the helpless feeling, then that preexisting condition will only be worsened by helplessness. What helplessness therapists do is help the patient confront their demons. They encourage the patient to speak out about how helpless they feel, to reveal the factors in life which they believe are keeping them down. Therapists then take apart these reasons one by one, assisting the patient to see that they aren't helpless after all, and that they have the power to improve their situation, no matter how bad it seems. A patient who has seen a helplessness therapist will walk away empowered, confident, and ready to take control of his or her life. Use the link below to search for helplessness therapists by city or state.

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