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Health Discrimination Therapists

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What a health discrimination therapist can do for you?

Health discrimination therapists help a person recover from the shame or stigma of being discriminated against because of a medical condition. Health discrimination comes in many forms. A medical insurance service may discriminate against an individual due to a preexisting condition, for example, or a workplace may discriminate against an employee for the same. If, for example, an individual has a severe mental disorder, yet no special accommodations are made for them at their place of employment, or they are wrongfully terminated or suspended as a direct result of their health condition, that is discrimination. This can obviously create a powerful feeling of guilt, shame, sadness, anger, or frustration in the minds of the person being discriminated against, and it is the job of the health discrimination therapist to assist the patient in dealing with these negative feelings. Through individual counseling sessions, the health discrimination therapist will speak to the patient, helping them to relive their traumatizing experience, striking at the heart of the negative impressions and impulses which arose from it, and turning those impulses into healthier, more constructive channels.

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Why hire a health discrimination therapist?

The ultimate goal of health discrimination therapy is to empower the patient. They have been diminished or disempowered by the discrimination which was leveled against them by a medical insurance service provider or employer. They may now feel that they are less than a human being, or that they have no agency, no control over their lives. These are unhealthy ideas that can take hold of a sound mind and turn the person into a nervous wreck. Drug addiction may even factor into the situation, as a person attempts to self-medicate their pain and humiliation away. A health discrimination therapist can put a stop to these feelings, encouraging the patient to draw strength from their negative experience, to be comfortable in their identity and their disease or disorder, and to respond in constructive ways to adverse events in their lives. A few sessions with a health discrimination therapist can turn someone's life around. Don't let your life be ruined by health discrimination, check the link below to find a therapist in your area who can help.

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