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Georgia Drug Rehab Recovery Centers

Are you trying to locate the best drug rehab Georgia for a loved one or for a close friend? With valuable recommendations for luxury programs and more,'s mission is helping you find the most suitable recovery plan that is right for you or for a loved one. Our drug addiction centers GA can assist every addiction, regardless of the substance you or someone you love are addicted to.

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Choosing between Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab in Georgia

What type of alcohol addiction centers GA is the best for an addicted person? There are several options available, including both outpatient treatment and residential treatment. For many, outpatient rehab is a bit more accessible, since it is offered at a lower fee, and allows you to fulfill work or school obligations while still getting treatment in alcohol rehab Georgia. However, various research studies have shown that a patient who participates in a residential program for 48 days, 60 days, or 3 months can improve the probabilities of avoiding relapse and staying sober long-term.

What Kinds of Addiction Recovery Treatment in Georgia can help?

Entering an addiction treatment in the area where a person lives will not be helpful for most people, as they are nearer to the people and places that initially contributed to their drug abuse. Inpatient treatment at a residential facility often allows people to avoid those places and circumstances that trigger drug abuse. In order to accurately meet the unique needs of every patient, most centers for addiction treatment Georgia provide hotel-like facilities. The choice to go to inpatient or outpatient treatment is entirely up to you, however, our team of specialists can help direct you if you just give us a call today at (877) 257-7997.

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Drug Abuse and Addiction Costs Georgians $1.5 Billion a Year

According to recent national surveys, the people of Georgia can take some comfort that the rate of drug abuse in the state is significantly lower than the national average – only 13 states rank lower than Georgia when it comes to the number of active abusers of alcohol and drugs. Part of the credit for that goes to the state’s aggressive anti-drug policies, including laws that demand tracking of prescription drug tracking, and to the commitment to providing support and treatment for those suffering from addiction.

Until recently, cocaine was the number one drug of abuse in Georgia, but cocaine use has decreased significantly in recent years, and marijuana is now responsible for the highest number of admissions into Georgia addiction treatment facilities. The abuse of heroin and methamphetamine have also shown steady increases.

Despite these efforts, the use of illicit drugs has gradually increased in recent years. Reports released by SAMSHA last year indicate that as many as 200,000 people in Georgia abuse illicit drugs, with twice that number reporting heavy alcohol use. Of these people, only 1 in 40 receive treatment for their addictions. Each year, the state spends in excess of $1.5 billion dollars on substance abuse-related costs, including law enforcement, health programs, family assistance, and education.

If you are tired of being a statistic and you want to get your life back under control, now is the time to commit to drug addiction treatment in Georgia. There are over 200 drug rehab programs in Georgia ready to help you or a loved one break free from your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Find the right Georgia addiction treatment program by calling (877) 257-7997.

How to Find Georgia’s Best Addiction Treatment Programs

Finding the right program to treat your addiction to alcohol or drugs can be confusing. There are many choices available, and it’s important to take the time to consider your options carefully so you can be sure that the treatment you receive is exactly right for your needs.

There are many ways to start looking for a Georgia rehab center:

  • Ask your doctor or health care provider.

    Your doctor is your partner in recovery, and can guide you towards an accredited rehab program in the area. And when rehab is over, he or she can help keep you on track in sobriety. If you don’t have a personal physician, contact your local hospital to see what sort of programs they may offer for drug addiction.

  • Contact your health insurance provider.

    Thanks to the passing of the Affordable Care Act, all new health insurance plans must provide some coverage for substance abuse treatment. Call your policy manager to get a referral to a reputable treatment center.

  • Do research online.

    At Recovery Experts, we’re prepared to help you find the ideal the treatment program whatever your needs are. Search our directory by state, or call us any time at (877) 257-7997 for fast, free assistance.

The National Drug Abuse Administration recommends asking these questions when it’s time to find a drug addiction treatment program in Georgia for you or a family member:

  • Does the program focus on my kind of addiction?

    Different addictions require different treatments, so make sure the program you choose has the facilities to meet your needs.

  • What are the treatment methods they use?

    Because every addiction is unique, the best Georgia rehab programs are able to provide a wide variety of treatment options. This flexibility allows them to customize your treatment plan, for the best possible results.

  • What kind of comprehensive care is available?

    Beyond “getting clean”, the rehab process should offer multiple programs to encourage recovery, including group therapy, medical consultations, exercise programs, nutrition education, and relaxation and meditation practices. A well-rounded treatment program helps bring your whole life into balance and healing.

  • Will family be encouraged to participate in the treatment process?

    For most individuals, long-term success depends on the love and support they will receive once they get home. Having the family be involved in the rehab process helps ensure that everyone is prepared by the time the program ends.

  • What sort of aftercare or extended care programs are available?

    Recovery is a life-long process, and aftercare programs like follow-up counseling, sober house residencies, and continued group support meetings help patients stay clean and sober after leaving rehab.

Finding Encouragement for the Road to Recovery

Admitting you need help is a big step, and committing yourself to rehab is an even bigger step. But they are just first steps on a journey that may last the rest of your life. How can you find the strength and encouragement you need to get through each day?
  • Self-Encouragement: If you focus on your successes, instead of your failures, you can be your own best cheerleader. This doesn’t mean overlooking your mistakes or bad decisions, but you can forgive yourself and make the commitment to do better the next time.
  • Your therapist: No one is in a better position to offer encouragement than your counselor or therapist, and they can help you with motivation when you need it the most.
  • Support groups: Among others who are going through the same process as you, you will find people ready to encourage your progress, and inspire you to stay true to the path.
  • Family and friends: Loved ones want to help you recovery, but they may not know how. When you need extra help, don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you need from them.
  • Clergy: Your minister or pastor has been trained to offer counseling to people during tough times. If spiritual insight is what you need, they are always ready to help.

Many people find encouragement by reading inspirational books, or watching movies and videos that carry an uplifting message. For others, keeping a journal helps keep them motivated. For a quick dose of encouragement, just search the Internet for “inspirational quotes” and find one that strikes the right note.

And don’t forget, we’re always here to help you on your road to recovery. Just call us at the number above to find your way to the best addiction treatment in Georgia.

“A thousand disappoints in the past cannot equal the power of one positive action right now. Go ahead and go for it.”

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