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Forgiveness Therapists

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What a forgiveness therapist can do for you?

If you or someone you know is suffering mental or psychological distress rooted in some past trauma, a forgiveness therapist might be able to help them. After a person is harmed physically, mentally or otherwise traumatized, it's easy for them to carry around a grudge. The person who's experienced trauma, been the victim of a crime, or undergone some other horrendous experience may be harboring a knot of unresolved anger, sadness, grief, guilt, or other negative emotion within them. These unresolved emotions can wreak havoc on an individual physically and mentally. What an experienced forgiveness therapist can do is help the person come to terms with their past traumas and get on with their lives. Forgiveness therapists urge the patient to relive their past experience, and in the process, the patient learns something about themselves and the people involved in the incident. Talking the experience over with a veteran forgiveness counselor may help patients finally come to terms with the circumstances of the incident and help them to forgive the person(s) involved even themselves. Then the healing can begin.

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Why hire a forgiveness therapist?

Forgiveness doesn't come easily to all of us. Those of us who have significant trauma in our pasts violent crimes like assault, battery, or rape, affecting ourselves or our loved ones may have a difficult time forgiving the perpetrators. A person who has survived a horrific experience may even develop feelings of "survivor's guilt" and endlessly punish themselves as a result. Feelings of anger, confusion, vengeance, and guilt are natural, but if they don't naturally subside with time, they can take hold of a person's brain and hold onto them like a disease, causing all sorts of complications: depression, anxiety, and even addictive behaviors. Forgiveness therapists specialize in helping patients come to terms with the negative events in their past, encouraging them to forgive themselves or others. The healing powers of forgiveness have been remarked upon by psychologists and psychiatrists the world over. Search below to find a competent forgiveness therapist near you.

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