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Eating Disorders Therapists

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What an eating disorder therapist can do for you?

Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, pica, rumination disorder, and avoidant / restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) are all examples of harmful eating disorders. Recovery not only involves the absence of distorted thoughts and behaviors about body and food, but an eating disorder expert also guides clients towards rediscovering one's self. They attempt to accomplish this through education and encouraging the development of a sense of authentic identity while promoting self-acceptance and respect for one's unique self. Eating disorder therapy helps clients get back on track to a positive frame of mind in order to allow for a healthy physical and mental change.

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Why hire an eating disorder therapist?

Hiring an eating disorder therapist helps clients form healthy habits and thinking patterns about food and the body, in general. Furthermore, therapy provides clients with the opportunity to discuss their experiences and feelings in a judgement-free zone in order to ease the impact of co-occurring disorders such as depression and/or anxiety. Those suffering from an eating disorder are not the only individuals to be effected by the illness, however. Family members and close friends may also benefit from seeing a professional as well. Witnessing someone continuously hurt themselves can make those closest to the patient feel helpless, sad, and frustrated, which is why an eating disorder therapist can help ease the stress for these individuals.

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