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Control Issues Therapists

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What a control issue therapist can do for you?

With effort, therapy is able to help clients recognize the self-protective nature of the need for control while guiding the individual towards a happier, more peaceful state of being. An emotional or physical instability and a lack of choices or autonomy during childhood may fuel a person's desire to seek control over other aspects of life, especially during adulthood. Whether the clients parents were absent or emotionally unavailable during childhood or their childhood home was not stable, the ability to recognize and treat this source of grief will encourage the person improve self-compassion and address that part of the self that requires protection.

Practice areas related to Control Issues

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Why hire a control issue therapist?

Those who seek help and actively put hard work into their therapy can expect to learn relaxation and anger management skills that will reduce their urge to use violence or any other control tactic to apply control and/or force over other people in their lives. Addressing these control issues in therapy typically involves pinpointing the reason behind the need for control. Together, the client and therapist will work to address and treat the underlying emotions or anxiety behind these struggles while developing different more effective coping strategies. The process of increasing one's self-awareness can strongly help a person to start abandoning the need for control.

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