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Codependency Therapists

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What a co-dependency therapist can do for you?

A codependent relationship typically involves a relationship where one or both partners begin to sacrifice their personal needs in an attempt to meet the needs of the other and whose actions and thoughts revolve around the other person. Additionally, participants of a co-dependent relationship may experience passivity and feelings of low self-worth, shame, or insecurity. In this case, it is likely an enabler/addict relationship.Hiring an experienced co-dependency therapist helps clients understand the reasons why they overcompensate, fulfill everyone else?s needs but their own, and/or put themselves last. To lead the individual down the path to recovery, a therapist may employ family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, both of which are well suited to treating codependency.

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Why hire a co-dependency therapist?

A qualified therapist should be able to help a person identify and address codependent tendencies, recognize how the behaviors came about in the first place, and learn to develop self-compassion to heal and alter unhealthy patterns. With effort, clients should expect to achieve the following goals with the assistance of therapy:*Setting boundaries and limits, forcing others to take full responsibility for their own lives *Learning the difference between fixing (or enabling) versus supporting others *The improvement of self-care *Learning about healthy family patterns *Helping others in productive ways, rather than 'rescuing' *Changing and maintaining healthy habits for the long term.

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