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Chronic Pain Therapists

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What a chronic pain therapist can do for you?

An experienced therapist can help you cope with the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that accompany chronic pain. Typically, this assistance involves showing the client relaxation techniques, addressing any anxiety or depression that has arisen due to the pain, exploring new coping skills, and changing old beliefs about pain. Along with medication therapy, a chronic pain specialist is able to help clients work through the mental and emotional aspects of this type of hardship. Studies show that some therapy can be as effective as surgery for relieving chronic pain as psychological treatments have the ability to alter how the brain processes pain sensations.

Practice areas related to Chronic Pain

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Why hire a chronic pain therapist?

A chronic pain therapist is able to help you cultivate new and more effective ways to think about problems and to find better solutions to them. In some cases, it can helpful to distract yourself from the pain by exploring new hobbies and interests. In other cases, a therapist can help clients develop new ways and better perspectives of thinking about your pain. Additionally, these professionals can encourage lifestyle changes that will allow clients to continue participating in work and recreational activities. Regardless of how a chronic pain specialist helps, they have the ability to push an individual towards a happier, more content life.

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