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Bullying Therapists

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What a bullying therapist can do for you?

Therapy is a fantastic option for victims of bullying who need a safe and supportive environment to address their feelings. These traumatic experiences can result in harsh emotions such as anger, anxiety, shame and isolation. An experienced professional is able to help an individual better understand how this can impact their life in addition to teaching effective coping skills for moving forward including boundary-setting and assertive communication. Those who bully others can also benefit from therapy, although the individual could be reluctant to openly admit their negative behavior. However, therapy can help the bully understand the impact their actions have on others, learn new skills for communicating positively, explore reasons for their poor choices and address the underlying issues that contribute to their behavior.

Practice areas related to Bullying

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Why hire a bullying therapist?

Upon hiring a therapist, victims of bullying are able to talk about their feelings, practice behaviors for responding to bullies, and build self-esteem. Often times, clients internalize the role of victim, which may cause challenges in relationships and one's sense of self. Therapy is able to help these individuals notice, share and process painful feelings, which can negatively influence one's personal well-being, if left unattended. Bullies on the other hand, typically have unresolved personal issues that contribute to their damaging behavior. Addressing these emotional wounds and social issues with an experienced therapist is a vital step towards the recovery of said individual.

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