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Borderline Personality Therapists

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What a borderline personality therapist can do for you?

With BPD comes a lot of emotion and turmoil. A therapist who specializes in this disorder can help a client regulate their feelings and learn to utilize more positive coping strategies during stressful situations. Research has shown that talk therapy is effective in decreasing anger, self- harm and suicide attempts, in addition to helping them improve their over-all functioning and social adjustment. Those who suffer from BPD often battle co-occurring disorders as well such as substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder, which also need to be addressed during treatment. With some effort, these individuals will be able to experience a more fulfilling life, free from the chains of mental illness.

Practice areas related to Borderline Personality

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Why hire a borderline personality therapist?

Mental illness is not only difficult on the individual but those closest to them as well. Therapy teaches clients how to handle problems that borderline personality disorder symptoms cause, including relationship, work and self-esteem issues. Therapy sessions also address all other challenges they may be facing, including substance abuse and/or depression. Like most other illnesses, medication can be strongly beneficial when attempting regulate and ease some of the more severe signs of the disorder. However, it is important to remember that while medication can help to control some of the harsher symptoms, professional therapy allows the individual to get better faster and stay well longer.

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