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Build Your Winning Company Profile

Get new treatment leads and more exposure for your business by claiming your RE (Recovery Experts) Biz profile for FREE.

Businesses with the most complete and accurate information in their profiles get the most contacts! So, spend just a few minutes and complete every section of your profile to get the best possible exposure and results on RecoveryExperts!

You can easily complete your RE Biz Profile by listing your company or organization's health services, adding information about your company background, listing all the treatment options that your company offers, and more.

  1. Upload Your Company Logo

    Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. Company with their company logos will get up to 6x more potential client contacts than those without any logo.

  2. Upload Your Treatment Facility Images

    Add up to 2 images of your business establishment (Learn how to add more images here), so that it is easier for potential clients to see and get a feel for the facility and surroundings where they might be staying or receiving treatment.

  3. Add Your Contact Information

    Potential clients will use this information to contact your business, so make sure it’s accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  4. Solicit Reviews From Satisfied Clients

    Businesses with client reviews on Recovery Experts are up to 8x more likely to be contacted. Check up on former clients and encourage them to write positive reviews, so that you can attract more clients and help more people!

  5. Add Your Marketing Statement

    Describe your business programs, approach to treatment, client focus you specialize in, and more. This area is used to really showcase and promote your services!

  6. Your Treatment Center Working Hours

    Its really important that your potential clients only call you when you are available so that you don't lose any leads. On your RE Biz Profile you can easily set your business working hours and let your clients know about your availability.

  7. Set Your Treatment Center Features

    Treatment centers features are the services that you offer to your clients. Setting up these features correctly will help us in getting your business profile listed correctly on Recovery Experts and helps potential clients to find you easily based on the services you offer.

  8. Billing Type & Payments Methods

    Choose from many combination of payment types that your business accepts. You can also list what types of insurance companies that you can work with. This helps your potential clients to find your treatment center based on specific financial criteria and more.

  9. Showcase Your Facility Accreditation

    On RecoveryExperts, treatment centers withlocal, state, or nationwide licenses, certifications, affiliations or accreditation get up to 10x more potential client contacts than those without any accreditation.

  10. Answer Questions Directly on your Biz Profile

    One major perk of a RE Biz Profile is having complete control over your business services inquiries. Any visitor to the Recovery Experts website can ask question directly on your RE Biz Profile. These questions might include things such as your services, amenities etc. You or your employees or your formal clients will get notified via email about any newly asked questions and they can answer those questions easily right our RE user dashboard.

    This FREE Biz Q&A feature on your RE Biz Profile is a FAQ section for your treatment center that builds up over time and becomes an encyclopedic reference for the business services that you offer. This way, when potential clients are searching for more information about your treatment services, they can easily get their questions answered making it much easier to convert them into paying clients.

    Treatment centers on Recovery Experts who actively monitor and reply to new questions on their RE Biz Profile get up to 5x more potential client contacts than those who do not actively monitor their profile for newly posted questions.

Behavioral, Mental Health and Treatment Centers who build and maintain a comprehensive online presence on Recovery Experts get up to 12x more potential client contacts than those without! You can use RecoveryExperts' powerful and intuitive features and modules to build a world-class online presence in the behavioral health community. The best part about it, is that it is 100% FREE! You can tremendously boost your online presence just by doing simple things like completing your RE Biz Profile, contributing articles, posting answers to questions asked on your Biz Profile, getting more reviews from formal clients and more!

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